Customer Support

Customer Support is very important to Snap2Close. We recognize that many Realtors are not computer savvy and occasionally need help with downloading photos and videos, uploading photos, embedding their videos, or adding virtual tour links into ARMLS.

For those who need assistance, we offer our help at no additional cost to you. Let us help you by using screen sharing software.

Snap2Close uses a screen share software called TeamViewer. You can download TeamViewer at no cost to you at the following link.

Snap2Close TeamViewer Support

Once you have downloaded this free software, you will need to open the application and share your randomly generated ID and Password.

When you are ready, then give us a call at 480-420-8260 and share your ID and Password with us so we can access your computer. We will briefly share your mouse’s control and point you to where you need to go to complete your tasks.

It is really that simple!!